Football fans in Australia have no shot at seeing the country’s top-scorer when he steps onto the field in front of them at the MCG on Saturday.

Football fans are not getting a chance to see the likes of James Tamou, Benji Marshall, Trent Merrin or Scott Higginbotham when they play in front on Saturday, as the game is sold out.

Key points:AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan says “we have the largest crowds in the world” on Saturday”Football fans should not be alarmed”MATCH DAYS” have been sold out for the entire season, and with so many games on sale, there is no doubt there is a lot of interest in the sport, which is why the AFL is pushing hard to attract more fans.”

We have the most crowds in any sport on earth.

I think it’s a very big part of why people come and watch the game,” McLachan said on Thursday.”

There’s a lot that’s happening on the ground in terms of the stadium being packed with people, the crowds are phenomenal and the crowds in Australia are just staggering.

“The AFL has released a guide to the game, showing fans the top 10 most-watched matches of the year in Australia.”

The AFL is working very hard with the game to build a new level of participation in the game.

This will require the game’s fans to become engaged more and more, so they can better understand what’s happening in the match and the players,” McLichan said.”

If we don’t get that engagement, then the game won’t grow.

“Our game is in the forefront of a revolution.

If you watch AFL on TV, you see the game on every single day.

It’s a great thing.”‘

Football fans will be watching this game for a long time’McLachan believes there is little chance of a repeat of the last time he played the game and said that he had “no problem” if he was a coach.

“I have no problem if I was a coaching candidate, I’m not worried about the fans,” he said.

Football fan who was kicked out of NRL for using ‘racist’ words has been denied entry to MCG article A football fan who is banned from attending the AFL matches because of his comments against racist language has been allowed to enter the MCF as he has “no issue” with playing.

The fan, who was found guilty in March of using “racist” language on social media, was given an opportunity to play the MCE on Saturday with the AFL.

However, he was banned from playing on the day due to his involvement in the incident, which resulted in the dismissal of an AFL coach, and was given no chance to leave the MCM.

The man, who has not been named, is understood to have been in a public confrontation with a group of NRL players on a training pitch outside a local pub on Monday.

“It’s just another example of football fans getting what they deserve, and it’s something that will be on the front of our mind for a very long time,” McLochan said in a press conference.

“He (the man) was given a chance by the AFL to come to the MCU, but that’s a big step down for him.”


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