What to look for when deciding whether to apply to work at FoxSports.com.


Is the job for you?

Does it suit your personality?


Do you have a background in sports?


Are you an expert in sports and/or television?


Do they have a TV crew?

How long does it take?


Are they an agent?

What type of work do you do?

How much do you make?

How are they paid?

What’s your age?

How do you apply?

What are your goals?

Are you interested in working with a big name?


Are the people you work with comfortable?


What do they want to do?


Do the people who are working with you like each other?


Are there a lot of interns?

How many do you have?

How does the internship work?


Do your friends have jobs?

Do they ask you for your phone number?

What kind of work are they doing?

What happens when you leave?


Do other people know your job?

What do you see when you walk into a cubicle?

What else are you working on?


Are people willing to pay you well?


Are your coworkers happy?

Is it a good environment?


Are anyone from your network happy?


Are employees comfortable?


Do any of the staff want to work with you?


Do some of your friends live with you and/ or are you roommates?


How do the interns look?


How well do they communicate?


Do people trust your abilities?

How well are they trusting you?


Do employees have problems?


Are employers interested in you?

Do you feel like you fit the profile?

Do people think you’re smart?

Do employers pay you the right amount?


Do employers want you to be good?

How would you rate yourself?


Do interns make you feel comfortable?


How are you evaluated?

How did you feel about your interview?

How can you improve your chances?


Do managers use your experience to make hiring decisions?


Do there are perks you can earn?

How often?

How about a bonus?


Do sponsors want to see you in the cubicle or on the set?


How does your supervisor rate you?

What did you say?

How could you improve?


Are interns compensated fairly?

What does that look like?


How much does it cost to become a FoxSports intern?

What is the average salary?


How long have you been working at Fox?

How far have you worked?


How many interns are working at your site?

How is that different than a normal job?


Do viewers like your work?

What types of viewers do you get?


What is your personal experience with Fox Sports?


Are viewers willing to give you a shot?

Do viewers give you their full attention?

How successful are you?

How bad is the feedback?

How good is the ratings?

How quickly do ratings change?

How hard is it to get ratings back?

How will ratings be monitored?

How important are ratings to FoxSports?


Do Fox Sports employees have to pay for your tuition?

How big of a commitment?


What are the requirements to be a Fox Sports intern?

How to get in?


Are Fox Sports interns paid for time they spend on-site?

How large is the commitment?

How fast are they moving to the next level?

How expensive is the travel?

How flexible is the working environment?

How comfortable are you with working with people from your own network?

How safe is your work space?

How confident are you that you can be trusted to do your job properly?


Do internships involve work on the show?

Do interns work directly with the host?

How involved are you in setting the show up?

What role do you play?

Do FoxSports employees get to choose what topics are shown?

Do the interns work for the network?

Are interns expected to attend FoxSports events?

How close are you to the host(s)?


Do internship candidates have to live with the show host?

What about a travel schedule?

Do internship applicants have to sign a contract before they can work at the network site?

What if the host doesn’t show?


What type do you work on?

Do hosts typically give interns time to work on a topic?

What time do interns get to work?


How fast does it go?

Does the host make it to the end of the internship?

Do producers pay interns for time spent on-set?

How efficient are the internships?


Are internship candidates expected to work independently?

Are there deadlines?

What can interns do if they’re not working for a network?

What will happen if an internship doesn’t work out?

What should interns do during

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