Jeep Wrangler Sports is returning with a rear-drive version of its popular SUV, with a base price of $42,000.

The 2018 Wrangler will arrive in the United States in late 2018 and will be available with four-wheel-drive and a four-door.

The Wrangler SUV has been available with a four door option for the past three years.

Jeep will offer four different options with the new Wrangler sports, a four or five door option, a three-door and a 2WD.

Jeep says the new SUV will offer a host of new features that have been incorporated into the Wrangler lineup, including adaptive cruise control, heated front seats, blind spot monitoring and an eight-way power driver assist system.

The new Wranglers will also offer four-speed automatic transmissions, which Jeep says is one of the most exciting updates to the Wrangler lineup.

Jevelin says the 2018 Wrangling Sport will be built on the same platform as the 2018 SUV, which means it will feature all-wheel, four-cylinder engines.

The 2019 Wrangler is slated to be the first Jeep to offer a six-speed transmission, which will help make it more practical.

Jeep will also add the optional six-wheel Drive Package, which gives Jeep owners more space to maneuver around corners and is designed to provide extra traction when needed.

Jeefräger says the 2019 Wranglings will have a starting price of just $37,900, and will feature the new Active Transfer Control system.

In addition to this, the 2019 Jeeps will be able to offer the latest features like power windows, heated side seats and blind spot monitors, which is part of the Jeep Wrangles new “Active Drive” system.

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