I have started a therapy which stops my immune system from fighting off the virus.

I also use a new drug, which can reduce the symptoms of my infection.

My efforts have been a great help in stopping the pandemic, said Kalyan Kumar, an orthopedic surgeon and professor at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, who has also treated many patients with the disease.

The drug is called Sivarix, which I bought for about $2,000 in India.

Sivarsix works by blocking the viral RNA.

The new drug is an effective and effective way to reduce the virus’s impact on my body.

But it also works in the opposite direction.

The immune system is not used to the virus because the virus is still active in the body.

So it’s very hard to stop it, and it’s even harder to reverse the virus when it comes back.

Kumar and other experts have developed a new treatment for patients with COVID-19, a type of viral infection.

They are testing it in India for the first time.

The drugs are not approved for human use yet, and the drugs have not been approved for the treatment of COVID.

But Kumar is hopeful.

The treatment is being tested in about a dozen cities, and in India it has a good response rate.

The new treatment is meant to prevent COVID from returning, he said.

It works by slowing down the viral replication in the immune system.

So in a sense, the patient is less exposed to the disease, he added.

The treatment also reduces the inflammation in my lungs, he explained.

It has helped me to breathe better and feel a lot better.

It is also helping my immune systems to work properly.

I have been in remission for the last two months.

I feel much better, Kumar said.

The symptoms are fading, and my heart rate is normal.

My lungs are working again, he concluded.

I am confident I will live for many years to come.

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