A new online sports betting site is set to launch in the US, with the US$30bn+ sport betting industry expected to see a boom in 2017.

A new sports betting platform will be set up in the United States to compete with sports betting platforms in the EU, UK, France and Japan.US betting site Betfair has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that it will launch Betfair Sports, which is expected to launch by the end of the year.

The site has already launched a new feature called the ‘Bets and Bets’ app, which allows users to view and bid on sports betting games.

In the UK, it is expected that the first site will launch next year, with other countries in the coming months, including Australia, Japan and South Korea.US gambling sites are likely to face increased competition from the UK’s online sports gambling market, with a new online betting site set to debut next year in the UK.

Betfair, the US online gambling platform, has been building a strong business by offering a wide range of online sports bettors with its online betting platform BetfairSports.

Betting on the world’s most popular sport will be a key part of Betfair’s business plan, with customers paying an annual fee of $35.

Better is based in California, with offices in the Netherlands and Hong Kong.

It is also based in Canada and Australia.

Betty will be the first online sportsbook to feature the Betfair feature in the near future, with plans to bring Betfair to the UK in the second half of 2018.

Betters goal is to increase the number of sports bettor’s who have access to Betfair.

Bettery will also provide a number of other features, including a betting platform that allows users the ability to create, customize and track their own online sportsbooks, and an automated betting service.

It will be interesting to see how Betfair will compete with existing online sportsbetting platforms such as Betfairsports and BetfairBet.

The latter is owned by American sportsbook operator Sportsbook Group, which has struggled to establish itself as a major sportsbook.

A Betfair spokesperson told the WSJ that the launch of Bettery was a key element in the firm’s strategy to compete in the online sports industry, adding that it would continue to invest in new technology, such as the Bettery mobile app, as well as continuing to develop its sportsbooks and sportsbook products.

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