Buy a fox-hunting bag at the right time and the right place.

Buy a bag that can last a lifetime, and if you’re a sportsman, it’s worth the effort. 

Fox hunting is one of the oldest sport shooting techniques in Australia and it is still practised in some parts of the country. 

To start, it is important to know where to hunt.

There are no national fox hunting zones, and the vast majority of hunting is conducted within state boundaries. 

The most popular hunting areas are those of Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

The vast majority (90 per cent) of fox hunting takes place in these states. 

In Victoria, foxes are killed in their dens and are placed into huts, where they are usually kept alive for up to five days before being killed. 

This method is not as common as the huts used for shooting, but it is also safer than huts being set on fire. 

Some fox hunters, such as Bruce Anderson, are also known to shoot deer, rabbits and other animals as well as game, including pigeons. 

Housing foxes fox hunting is generally done outdoors in a cage or small enclosure.

They can be kept for several weeks and fed hay and water. 

There are several different types of foxhunting equipment available. 

An adult male fox can weigh between 1.3 and 1.8kg (2 and 3 stone) and is about 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20cm) long. 

It will hunt in groups of 10, with the fox being the leader. 

A female fox is between 2.6 and 2.8 kilograms (5 to 6 stone) tall and can weigh up to 3.5 to 4.0 kilograms (7 to 8 stone). 

The fox’s diet varies depending on the season. 

For example, in summer the male fox may eat berries and nuts, while the female hunts for small game, such the chipmunk. 

If you are hunting with a group, be sure to leave enough space between the hunters and the animal. 

Once the fox has hunted, it will spend the next few days in the cage, or hut, before being taken to the den and then shot. 

Boys will be left to fend for themselves and the male will hunt the smaller foxes and young animals, while women and the older adults will help the foxes to feed and clean the hut. 

Pigs and rabbits are also hunted, while foxes can also be killed by dogs. 

After the fox is shot, it should be left in a quiet area for several days, and it can be brought back to the hutch to be fed. 

When you’ve killed a fox, be aware that you may need to put it back into its cage and feed it.

If you don’t, the animal will die and your bag may have spoiled. 

Most foxes that are caught will die within a week, but there are also a few that can live for many years. 

You should also know the different types and types of traps used to catch foxes. 

Different types of baits can be used to kill foxes, including: Hook traps that hold prey in their jaws, as well the trap that can be tipped with a sharp object. 

Dry netting used to trap foxes in the ground. 

Hunting with bows and arrows, also known as shot baits. 

Trap hooks, which are attached to the fox’s hind leg, are used to lure foxes out of their dens. 

They are attached by string, so they can be attached to objects such as trees, fences and cars. 

Whip traps are often used in fox hunting, but they’re more commonly used to make bait for game. 

Rabbit traps are similar to trap hooks, but the fox will be placed in the trap and then killed by a rabbit. 

Sticky traps, also called baited baits, are placed in hollow tree trunks to trap small animals, such rabbits. 

Fencing can be a useful deterrent to foxes but be careful when setting traps. 

Be aware that foxes will jump at any sound and can be killed with their paws, as can small dogs.

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