By now you’ve probably heard that the 2020 Olympics are coming. 

If not, you’re in luck because you can watch the Olympics on NBC. 

I don’t mean you have to be an expert, because you already know that. 

But I do mean that you should be watching the Olympics to learn more about them and to enjoy them. 

And the best way to learn is to watch. 

In this article, we’ll dive deep into some of the most exciting things to watch, the best things to talk about, and the things to be excited about in the 2020 Summer Games. 

What to watch  In my mind, there are three big things that make up the 2020 Olympic Games.

First, you should watch the opening ceremonies. 

It’s the most watched event in the history of the Olympics. 

The opening ceremonies are one of the highlights of any Summer Games, whether you’re a diehard fan or a casual observer. 

They’re a chance to catch up on what happened during the games and to get your pulse up. 

Second, you’ll be watching some of our favorite athletes and teams. 

You’ll see all the players, coaches, athletes, and teams that will be representing the U.S. in the games. 

Third, you will also be watching your favorite sports. 

This is why I love to do a lot of my research. 

Some of the best sports events are in the opening days of the games, but there’s something special about watching the first day of a Summer Olympics.

 The Opening Ceremonies First, we need to get to the opening ceremony. 

To do this, we can look at the opening night of the 1968 Games.

That was a memorable event. 

After the opening of the Games in Los Angeles, the city was buzzing with anticipation. 

People had already been lining up for hours to watch the Opening Ceremony. 

Here’s what happened next. 

Lambert’s first act in the Olympic building was to order his athletes to stand up in a circle. 

He also instructed the media to cover the event as if it was the opening day of the Summer Games itself. 

When the lights went down, the crowd went wild, and a thousand people ran for cover. 

A few years later, the IOC changed the opening act to be a tribute to a fallen member of the U-boat squad. 

(The original version read, “The honor of the Olympic Games was awarded to the members of the United States Navy during the Vietnam War.”) 

And, yes, the opening is still celebrated in the city of Sochi with a special fireworks display and special bands playing on the Olympic Stadium, complete with a statue of President Kennedy. 

All that’s left now is for the Olympic Torchbearer to light the torch. 

So, you can probably see where this is going. 

Let’s begin. 

As you watch the games unfold, you might notice something special. 

First off, you probably won’t see the Olympics logo on the roof of the stadium. 

Instead, the logo is the logo of the USA. 

That’s a change from previous years when the logo was the emblem of the country that was representing the United Kingdom. 

Because of the way that the logo has evolved, there is a clear distinction between the U and the U.-S.

In the 1960s, the U was the country representing the UK, while the U of S. was the United Sates. 

Now, the UK is represented by the U (Canada) and the UnitedS.


So it’s no surprise that when the torch is lit in the stadium, you won’t be able to see the USA logo on it. 

However, if you do spot it, you don’t have to worry about it.

The USA flag flies directly over the stadium and is always the last flag to fly on the main stage. 

There are also no flags at all on the stadium’s roof. 

 But the flag on the flagpole is not the only one that is flown on the field. 

On the roof, the flag is displayed in three different colors. 

Red, white, and blue. 

Of course, you also see the U, the United Nations, and, of course, the USA flag. 

Finally, you see the gold and white flags that are flown in the stands. 

These flags have become a symbol of unity and peace throughout the world. 

Just like the Olympics themselves, the gold, white and blue flags will always be visible on the same roof as the U or U-S. 

We’ll be talking about how the gold flag was flown at the start of the opening, but what’s so special about the gold is that it was used for the first time at the Olympics by the United Negro College Fund (UNCF

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