The NHLPA’s president, Donald Fehr, announced Friday that a “bipartisan” group of lawmakers is looking at changes to the way the NHL and its owners deal with video reviews.

The NHL would not comment.

Fehr did say the players union is working on its own video review plan.

Fehl said that while the NHLPA is a strong supporter of a video review, it’s not ready to say when a video will be released.

“We’re not there yet, but it’s a possibility,” Fehr said.

The NBA has also been looking into the possibility of video reviews, and a league source told Yahoo Sports that they were looking at the idea in recent weeks.

In February, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said he’d be open to a video conference to discuss the issue, but did not offer any concrete timetable.

The league has also come under fire from some fans and players for its reluctance to publicly release the video of a foul-mouthed player during an incident at a game last month in Atlanta.

“I’m not aware of any other league that has said publicly that they’re going to put a video on the floor of the court,” said Adam Zagoria, an NBA analyst and former player for the Portland Trail Blazers.

The video was shown on ESPN’s Inside the NBA program.

The incident prompted the league to suspend five players for the rest of the season.

A source told ESPN that the NBA is “not ready to go public” on the issue.

In the wake of the video, many fans and athletes took to social media to express their disappointment.

On Twitter, LeBron James wrote: “Not a fan of what I saw at @NASCAR.

It sucks how people get away with doing it.”

The Washington Wizards forward Paul Pierce said the incident was “a slap in the face to the sport of basketball.”

Pierce tweeted: “What the hell did I just witness?

What a shame.”

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