LeBron James isn’t the best player in America.

But he’s still the greatest in the NBA, and he has an enormous fan base.

Here are 10 things we learned from LeBron James’ NBA season.


LeBron James still has the greatest fan base in the league.

The best player on the planet is still one of the greatest athletes on the earth.

But his fans have been loyal.

We’ll get to LeBron’s incredible fans, but first, here’s a list of LeBron’s fans who have remained loyal.


LeBron’s fanbase has grown in 2017.

LeBron is still an All-Star, but he’s also becoming a celebrity.

In 2018, the NBA gave LeBron a contract extension that will keep him in Cleveland for the next 20 years.


LeBron was voted as one of ESPN’s top 10 players in the country.

LeBron remains the most-liked player in basketball.

He’s still one the most recognizable.


LeBron has a huge fan base, even after the NBA handed him a contract.

LeBron fans can’t stop texting him.

The NBA has given LeBron a 10-year extension that should keep him with the team through 2024.


LeBron still leads all players in steals and assists.

LeBron ranks No. 1 in the entire NBA, but that’s not his only accolade.

He also has an incredible fan base that loves to share videos and photos of the legendary player.


LeBron will be the most valuable player in a decade.

He’ll be worth at least $200 million next season.


LeBron, of course, is one of those rare athletes who has a fan base of loyal fans.

They’ve stayed loyal to him through bad and good.


LeBron had the best NBA season of any player in 2017, but there were some other players who stood out.

We ranked the top five players who won the most NBA championships in 2017 to help you decide which player will become the best in the sport.


LeBron continues to dominate in the 2017 NBA season, even though he’s signed a deal extension through 2022.


LeBron led the NBA in rebounds, assists, and steals in 2017 for the first time in his career.

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